Plague Bearer

by Vilipend

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released May 8, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Kenneth Sokoloski at Gorgeous Industries, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May/June 2009

Layout, artwork and design by Matthew Daley



all rights reserved


Vilipend Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Plague Bearer
“Plague Bearer”

Her touch, her kiss
Causes only sickness

Plague bearer

My touch, my kiss
Plague bearer

Damnation, her caress

This coffin shut with painted nails

More and more she is less and less

Slit wrists can’t help but harm
Scarred skin can’t help but hurt
Some words are better off
Unsaid and unheard

Old words for new wounds
Scars upon scars
Conceal the wreckage behind her eyes

Even demons dream of heaven

And when will she have given enough?
Bled enough, cried enough, taken enough?
To find compassion in calloused arms?

Devoid of hope and out of mind
She can’t make them care, with stolen words
And a heart mended by hate
Track Name: Magnificent Desolation
“Magnificent Desolation”

She broke the skin
And watched the words flow

Fell from clouds
Dripping off her face

Meaningless love lost to the Earth
Wasted on her

These words fail

We swallow every pill, we cry every tear, we choke on every word

We live with it
She doesn’t want to live with it

I am magnificent desolation

These words
Wasted on her

These words
Fail her
Track Name: Dulling Silver
“Dulling Silver”

Comfort in capitulation
Always knew she’d take until gone
Swallowed shame, devoured hope
What if this is all she can be?

Armed and armoured in hate and discontent
Crumbles in the face of her beauty
Something wrong with her blood
The way it flows

She would give anything but it wouldn’t ever be enough

Half-hearted razor
Lost its taste for self-abuse
Can’t muster the hate
Break the skin

She would give anything but it wouldn’t ever be enough....

She’s a vision in black
Painted blue and covered in red
These tranquil moments come
Only in bottles

The darkness the light shies away from she can’t bear

Dulling silver

Carve caring into her broken shell, rotted flesh....

Bear witness to the purity of self-abuse
And be saved, my child