Northern Hostility: Live in Ajax

by Vilipend

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Northern Hostility — Live in Ajax
Friday, September 24 @ Top Shelf in Ajax, ON, Canada

Vilipend are:
Michael J. Crossley: bass and vocals
Derek J. DelVecchio: Guitars and vocals
Adam W. McGillvary: Drums
Christopher J. Gramlich: vowels, consonants and syllables



released December 1, 2010

Recorded by Dave Sheldon
Mixed and mastered by Dave Sheldon



all rights reserved


Vilipend Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Failings for Friends
“Failings for Friends”

Her pain doesn’t make her special, just useless
This is not a sickness; it’s a choice

When inspiration hits with both hands grab hold and rend, and twist

These failings her only companions

She doesn’t even bother to cover her scars
And I wish that I was that strong
Sweating out the drugs
They say everything takes time

She breaks her down, and down, and down
Track Name: Cutting Heartstrings
“Cutting Heartstrings”

Cowards and whores swallow of love’s need
These days pass so quickly, these nights last so long
This too shall pass, but it will leave its mark

Cut her heartstrings
Fall into the abyss
Lovelorn, love worn
Cut my heartstrings
Save me from myself

She can have this love
I will keep my hate

Waiting for the words to come
Searching for any meaning

Her wrists are aching
The pills are pleading
Her body’s begging for this abuse

Her heart is a rape scene
My heart is a rape scene

Excise caring like it’s cancer

Detuned, broken
Cut her heartstrings
She can’t hear the music anymore
Track Name: The Thin Red Line Between Salvation and Damnation
“The Thin Red Line Between Salvation and Damnation”

Cold souls crave only warmth
But they don’t care how they get it

Lovers can be our salvation
Or our executioners

She’s a leaf on the wind, flying falling
Dead on the callous earth
We become what ruins us, no silver lining
Only storm clouds behind those eyes

Lovers can be our salvation
Or our executioners

Our lovers, our executioners

In her throat
Beneath these words
Behind those eyes
Between silken thighs
This hate endures
It waits
Track Name: Farewell, Cruel Girl
“Farewell, Cruel Girl”

Farewell cruel girl
Beauty has no use for her love
Only contempt

Let the angels sing their songs, for we have our own hymns to sing at the heavens
And let the demons screech their torment, for we have our own hate to scream at their hell

Seraquill for a seraphim
Every wish I ever made was lost on the wind

The death of her, she’ll be

Paradise turned perdition, cast aside discarded
She, isn’t worthy
The death of her

But beware the price that pissed in hearts demand
For I am nothing but
The death of her

She writes these wrongs, a legacy of loss
Blood in the water, sharks will always come
Scars are memories that’ll never fade
Sharks in the water, blood will always flow

With blood in the water, the sharks will always come
The death of her

Lovers our salvation
Lovers our damnation

These words mean everything to me, but they mean nothing to you

Farewell cruel girl
Razor blades
Farewell cruel girl
Track Name: Plague Bearer
“Plague Bearer”

Her touch, her kiss
Causes only sickness

Plague bearer

My touch, my kiss

Plague bearer

Damnation her caress

This coffin shut with painted nails

More and more she is less and less

Slit wrists can’t but harm, scarred skin can’t help but hurt
Some words are better off unsaid and unheard

Old words for new wounds
Scars upon scars conceal the wreckage behind her eyes

Even demons dream of heaven

When will she have given enough?
Bled enough, cried enough, taken enough?
To find compassion in callous arms?
Devoid of hope and out of sight
She can’t make them care with stolen words
And a heart mended by hate
Track Name: To Impede the Healing Process
“To Impede the Healing Process”

To impede the healing process
Pride worn poorly around her throat
Her lips taste of better days
My lips taste of sin

“Just hang on,” she said
Her hate, her hope a noose
Ever tighter it coils
Around her heart, around her hope

Single locust in the plague
Does her part
Takes pride in her work
While the night blesses those ideas the day abhors

Cut and paste those broken thoughts
Her eyes are heavy with hate
Swallowed by the night
By a thread she hangs

Used bodies using bodies
Breathing their last breaths
Alcohol erodes regret
She’s heaven-sent but hell-bent

Cut and paste those broken thoughts
Her eyes are heavy with hate

There will be blood, there always is
She sees shadows creeping into her smile
She hears those whispers, “there will be blood”
She sees shadows creeping into her smile
She hears those whispers, “there will be blood”

Swallowed by the night

To impede the healing process
No heart left unscathed